Sheila E. Dedicates New Album To Prince

Sheila E. Scraps Dance Album To Honor Prince

After recieving the tragic news of Prince passing away, ex-fiance Sheila E. put her newest dance album on hold and decided to produce an album dedicated to Prince instead. The couple has worked together on previous Prince albums and Sheila E. provided percussion duties on recent Prince tours.

“I decided to write a whole new album. And it feels right … It’s actually been a part of my healing now, trying to figure out what I was going to play and what would be okay to make sure I would get through it. But it’s going to be fun.”

For those who can't wait to hear the new album honoring Prince, you are in luck! Sheila’s new single “Girl Meets Boy” will be released the day after she participates in the upcoming Prince tribute at the BET Awards.

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