"Whiplash" And "Drumline2": October Is Drummers' Month

Drummers have a reason to catch some cinema this month. On October 17 Whiplash begins limited release around the country. This much-hyped release, which won awards at Sundance and other movie festivals, features JK Simmons as Fletcher, a teacher known for getting great results from his music conservatory students, but using terrifying teaching methods to do it.

The student role of Andrew is played by Miles Teller, a young drummer whose mission is to be the best jazz drummer in the world. His commitment is what makes him able to stomach Fletcher's abusive teaching. The performances are supposed to be outstanding. Writer/Director Damien Chazelle says many former conservatory students he talked to related similar tales of tough teaching. To be great in any art may require a lot of pain and weeding out, and the movie, at least partially, tells that tale.

Also, in October is the return of Drumline. Drumline 2 tells the tale of Danielle Bolton, a Brooklyn girl who defies her parents to go to school in Louisiana and revitalize a once-prominent Drumline. The first movie was marching band feast; let's hope this one is as fun. It comes out on VH1 in the US on October 27.