Drumerica Contest Website Goes Live

Drumerica Contest Website Goes Live

Drumerica is launching the National Competition For Young Drummers website (drumerica.us) with complete information on contest sponsors, judges, prizes, and rules. The site will also feature a page with links to free downloads of Drumerica's official rock, pop, metal, jazz, funk, and latin play-along tracks. The tracks, provided by "Groove Essentials" (Hudson Music) and the "Progressive Metal" collection (DrumFun.com), are great resources for entrants in terms of video quality and playing level.

Drumerica’s entry period runs from July 1 to August 1, 2014. The contest is open to boys and girls age 13-18 who are current residents of the U.S.A., and is sponsored by Musician’s Friend, School Of Rock, Crush Drums, TRX Cymbals, D’Addario, Modern Drummer, KAT Percussion and Desert Rock Sound Studios along with a dozen other top drum, accessory and media companies.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place “Drumericans” will receive nearly $25,000 in prizes and will be selected by judging panels made up of world-famous drummers and drum educators, including Kenny Aronoff, Gorden Campbell, Tommy Igoe, Arin Ilejay, Ray Luzier, Cobus Potgieter, Johnny Rabb, Kent Slucher, Steve Smith and Hannah “Ford” Welton plus the editors of Modern Drummer magazine and more.

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