Drummer Benjamin Curtis Passes Away

Drummer Benjamin Curtis Passes Away

School of Seven Bells' Benjamin Curtis passed away at age 35 on Sunday, after being diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma less than a year ago.

Artists such as the Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr. and Interpol's Paul Banks had helped raise funds to cover his treatments.

Zac Crain, music editor for the Dallas Observer from 1997 to 2005, covered earlier milestones in Ben's career like the release of one of his previous bands, Tripping Daisy's landmark, Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb.

"I think everyone recognized he was a really talented drummer," he said. "But I think very few people realized he was a really talented musician, period. He didn’t really show off all that he could do until he moved to New York and played with Secret Machines and School of Seven Bells. But even when he was just playing drums, you had to pay close attention to see everything he was capable of, because he wasn’t flashy, he didn’t do anything unnecessary, he never demanded the spotlight."

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