Drummer Dan Duggins Recovering From Stroke

Drummer Dan Duggins Recovering From Stroke

The Queen Killing Kings drummer Dan Duggins (formerly of Hot Rod Circuit) is still in the hospital recovering from a stroke he suffered last Tuesday, April 27. He is 34.

The condition was caused by a blood clot in his neck, according to another former HRC drummer Mike Poorman, who wrote on his blog that Duggins “currently in a ‘locked in’ state in intensive care, which means that he can not move and cannot communicate, except with eye movement. I've just read this morning that he moved his left foot on command, which is absolutely amazing, and definitely hopeful!

“Like most full-time musicians, Dan does not have health insurance,” Poorman continued. “His medical bills and living expenses during/after this will be through the roof. If there are any of you out there that can donate to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Even a few dollars will help.”

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