Drummer Sues Band For $1 Million After Ouster

Drummer Sues Band For $1 Million After Being Fired

Don’t mess with Aaron Sperske. Seriously.

The former drummer with L.A.-based indie band Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti is suing his former band mates for a whopping $1 million after they booted him from the band.

Sperske claims that he and his three former band mates had an “oral partnership,” which was breached when he was fired, and insists that he performed “diligently and competently” throughout his tenure with the band.

He further claims that he co-wrote all 12 songs on the band’s upcoming album, Mature Themes – which is scheduled for release on Tuesday – and demands a statement from the band assuring that he is still a full-fledged member, granting him a share of future profits from royalties and performances.

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