Drummers Collective Joins Forces With Pat Gesualdo

Pat Gesualdo is living proof of the power of persistence. By combining his interests in drumming and music therapy in a program called Drum Therapy, which is now employed in special education programs throughout the world, he tirelessly promoted his techniques and enlisted powerful partners along the way, from teachers to drum companies to presidents of the United States.

Gesualdo has recently joined forces with the renowned New York-based music school The Collective, to bring the message of his non-profit organization, D.A.D. (Drummers With Disabilities), to the school’s legendary curriculum.

“It is a privilege to join forces with The Collective,” Gesualdo says. “Together we can help improve the lives of the special needs population in the New York City area, and assist drum instructors in helping their special needs students lead happier lives through drumming.”