Drummies! Voting On Record Pace

2011 Drummies! Voting On Record Pace

2011 Drummies! Voting On Record Pace

San Jose, Calif., Enter Music Publishing is reporting very strong voting returns during the initial voting period for its 16th Annual Drummies. According to surveymonkey.com approximately 4700 drummers have cast votes in the 42 categories that comprise the Drummies! since March 10, 2011.

With just three weeks left this should result in a new record for participation in Drummie voting. Last year 6,500 drummers cast more than 100,000 votes in the 15th Annual Drummies.

“We’re really curious to see what happens in the final results, especially in the category of Best Drummer,” said Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. “Since Neil Peart is no longer eligible, it will be really interesting to see who wins the category.” (Drummers who win five times in a category are restricted from winning that category in the future.

Enter Music Publishing--the publisher of DRUM!--has attempted to alert drummers in all styles and backgrounds to participate this year through marketing and PR. The news has been spread via email blasts, forum postings and syndication through top music news sites.

“Obviously, we always try to reach as many players as possible,” noted Hood. “We have really attempted to make it clear that all drummers can vote.”

As previously reported by Enter Music Publishing, all votes must be cast by May 1. The results will be published in the August 2011 Issue of DRUM!, on sale July 1. And, they will be made public simultaneously online.To vote, visit the Drummies! site.

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