DTX Live at Third Encore

DTX Live

dtx live

You‘ve got an all access pass to an exclusive NAMM VIP Artist party hosted by DRUM! Magazine, Yamaha Corporation of America, and Zildjian.

Come celebrate edrum innovation and hang with Yamaha/DTX and Zildjian/Gen16 artists and industry leaders including exclusive on-line interviews.

Check out the world broadcast premier of “DTX LIVE at Third Encore,” a compilation of incredible live band performances by DTX and GEN16 artists including Kenny Aronoff with Philip Sayce (Guitar and Vocals) and Joel Gottschalk (Bass), Russ Miller with Phil X (Guitar and Vocals) and Billy Sheehan (Bass) and Gorden Campbell with Robert “JJ” Smith (Bass) and Eddie Brown (Keyboards).

To join in on the excitement go to www.yamaha.com/DTXLive. You’ll have a front row seat at one of the most unique events at the Winter NAMM 2013.

Get a sneak peak here.

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