Duane Timlin Survives Treacherous Car Crash

Duane Timlin Survives Treacherous Car Crash

Duane Timlin

Last night, while on his way home from seeing Mastodon at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, Texas, death metal drummer Duane Timlin was involved in a perilous car accident that sent the former Dying Fetus member through the windshield.

He was riding in the passenger seat when the car hit a wet spot, lost control, and flipped three times, leaving Timlin with a fractured orbital wall in his left eye, a large gash on his forehead, and multiple bruises.

It could have been worse. “The good news is I survived,” he wrote on his facebook page today. “I'm walking, hands and legs are all good so I will be back to fight another day! I've worked to damn hard to lose it all. Drums are my life and I appreciate them even more now since I'm in good shape on account of them!”

Timlin is currently working on a new project called Narcotic Wasteland featuring Nile guitarist Dallas Toler Wade.

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