Ringo Denies Recording Newly Found Tapes

Ringo Denies Recording Newly Found Tapes

Yesterday Ringo Starr denied being the drummer on the newly uncovered tapes featuring Rory Storm And the Hurricanes, the band he played with before joining The Beatles.

“It's not me,” Starr said, in a statement issued through his publicist. “That was done after I’d left to join the Beatles. I don’t know who the drummer was but I hope that Rory fans enjoy it anyway.”

Nonetheless, Starr revealed that he did record two tracks with The Hurricanes. “The only two tracks I was on were recorded while we were in Germany in 1960, when we made a two-track acetate, and for those of you in the digi world that is a-ce-tate, of ’Mailman Bring Me No More Blues,’ a Buddy Holly song sung by Lou Walters, and ’Fever.’ I’d love to hear those tracks ’cause I don't have a copy.”

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If you’ve ever wondered what Ringo’s drumming sounded like before he got his big break with The Beatles, you might finally get the opportunity.

While cleaning out a basement in Liverpool, Iris Caldwell, the sister of early British rocker Rory Storm, ran across a batch of tapes recorded in 1960 of her brother’s band Rory Storm And The Hurricanes. The recordings feature a young Ringo Starr playing drums live with Storm at the Jive Hive club in Liverpool as well as at Storm’s house.

It isn’t clear whether the tapes will be released to the public, so Beatles fans should keep their fingers crossed.

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