Eloy Casagrande Is Sepultura’s New Drummer

Eloy Casagrande Is Sepultura's New Drummer

Eloy Casagrande has some pretty big shoes to fill when he replaces Jean Dolabella as the drummer in Sepultura. But the pressure doesn’t stop there – the legendary Brazilian band has provided the launching pad for such other respected drummers as Roy Mayorga as well as the band’s cofounder Iggor Cavalera.

The signifigance doesn’t seem to be lost on Casagrande, who was born in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil on January 29, 1991, the same year as the release of Sepultura’s classic fourth album, Arise. “When I got the invitation to join Sepultura, I was in shock,” said Casagrande. “I'm a fan of the band for years; it’ll be an honor to play with them.”

He doesn’t have long to wait. Sepultura is scheduled to begin a European tour with Exodus and Destruction later this month.

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