Enter Music Rolls Out Drumming-Focused Ad Network

DRUM! Magazine Founders Roll Out Industry-Specific Enter Music Network With Leading Percussive Partner Sites

Enter Music Network logo

San Jose, Calif., -- Over the last 20 years, Phil Hood and Andy Doerschuk, the founders of Enter Music Publishing have published one of the most well-respected innovative music magazines in the industry, DRUM!. Now, the duo, demonstrating their creativity once again, has launched The Enter Music Network (EMN) http://www.entermusicnetwork.com, an industry specific ad network comprised of the top sites for drummers and percussionists.

Tremendous Reach

The EMN is a group of nine web sites that together offer advertisers the ability to reach the widest market of musicians. It's an ideal venue for advertising drum equipment, recording gear and other music products, as well as musician lifestyle products including shoes, beverages, movies, cars and clothing. The network, additionally allows advertisers to market to more than 100 countries across the world. Overall the EMN reaches more than half a million drummers monthly.

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