AMPLI.FI Hosting A Live Ineteractive DrumFest Competition

AMPLI.FI Hosting A Live Ineteractive DrumFest Competition

On Saturday, October 1st AMPLI.FI will host DrumFest, a live streaming, fully interactive drum competition for its ever-growing online music community. All drummers, novice and professional, are encouraged to live stream their music for a great cause!

Only the second ever of its kind (the first took place on AMPLI.FI in August) the competition will support Little Kids Rock, an extraordinary national nonprofit organization that provides free instruments and music education to kids in underserved public schools throughout the United States, with AMPLI.FIdonating $2 for every unique viewer of a #drumfest tagged stream. A ticker on the front page of the site will show viewership numbers and the total donated amount increase in real time!

Participating in AMPLI.FI's Drumfest is easy! You can either help spread the word by linking to your friends and family on social media and letting them know to watch drumming live streams, or you can live stream yourself drumming and have all of your friends, fans, and family watch you and the other drummers throughout the day to really support the cause! No matter how you get involved, even if you watched a live streaming drummer for a couple of minutes, you’ll know that you’ll be a part of a collective of people who are helping bring the power and magic of music into the lives of those young children who will benefit from it the most! You'll even get a Drumfest Participant badge next to your name in AMPLI.FI’s chat for your efforts!

Additionally, AMPLI.FI will be giving away a $500 gift certificate to online music instrument and pro audio site, Sweetwater.

To be a participating streamer in AMPLI.FI’s Drumfest, tag your AMPLI.FI channel with the hashtag #drumfest, and stream any time on October 1st, 2016. To learn how to stream to AMPLI.FI, visit for instructions.

Lastly, between 3-4PM PT on October 1st, some special surprise guest drummers will be joining the festivities to help the cause.

For more details on DrumFest visit

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