Evans Endorsers: New Posts, Tours, and DVDs

Evans/HQ Endorsers Land New Gigs, DVDs, and More

By Radim McCue Published December 27, 2009

Evans and HQ both announced career updates for a slew of their endorsers. First, off Drummers Collective has added a new faculty member, Chris Coleman. Chris is a former DC alumni who has toured and recorded with top gospel artists and now works with Chaka Khan. Chris adds his expertise and experience to a large and talented group of faculty members. Read More... In other news Evans endorsee Hannah Ford is set to perform at the American Smooth Jazz Awards. She'll be represented in the Up & Coming Super Group segment. Hannah will be sharing the stage with Nate Harasim (keyboards,) Cindy Bradley (trumpet,) Bryan Lubeck (guitar,) and Russel Blake (bass guitar,). These individuals, from all parts of the U.S., will come together for one performance that will raise the roof off the Stardust Event Center on October 9, 2010...Jazz drummer and polyrhythm polymath Ari Hoenig has just come off a European tour and is playing near Philly and New York this month. Read DRUM!'s review of his recent book and CD Intro To Polyrhythms... And, last but not least, check out Evans endorser Rick Latham's All About The Groove DVD below. It was shot in the big studio at Drumchannel.