Evans Rocks At Drum Corp International Event

Evans Gets Ahead At Drum Corp Championships

By Ivar Slovak Published August 14, 2009

FARMINGDALE, NY, August 10, 2009 – The 2009 Drum Corps International World Championships was marked with several milestones for Evans drumheads and topped off with domination by Evans drum corps endorsees including Blue Devils, The Bluecoats and The Troopers!

The Blue Devils conquered the world championship and high percussion awards for both World and Open class going undefeated as they soundly won their 13th DCI World Championship with a score of 99.05. The corps won four of the five special caption awards which include the coveted Fred Sanford Percussion Trophy. The Blue Devils “B” corps dominated Open Class competition and matched the “A” corps accomplishments with a 1st place finish and percussion trophy.

“There is no doubt we had the best snare sound we ever had thanks to Evans,” comments Caption Head/Arranger Scott Johnson. “The durability of our heads was incredible and maintenance was minimal. Ben Maughmer added, “Never have I heard such a dramatic response from both the drums and those who heard us play those drums as when the Blue Devils & Evans joined forces in 2009. We were able to focus on the performers more than ever because of the great experience we had with the products!”

The Bluecoats placed 6th at the 2009 DCI World Championship Finals with a score of 93.15 in what was one of the most competitive seasons in DCI history! Headed by a percussion team which includes Tom Rarick (arranger) and Mike Jackson, the corps presented their show Imagine, a fan favorite that drew cheers and standing ovations at each performance.

“The diverse palette of sounds offered by Evans was a key ingredient in bringing our 2009 show ‘Imagine’ to life,” claimed Bluecoats arranger Tom Rarick. “The great feel on the players’ hands and the durability to withstand the rigors of tour allowed the members and staff to focus on great music-making.”

Free Clinics

An additional attraction offered to DCI attendees was a series of clinics and mini-lessons offered free by Evans Drumheads, HQ Percussion, and DCI. Dubbed “The Lesson Pad”, which references the ubiquitous octagonal practice pad for which HQ Percussion is known, the mini-lessons were designed to provide an interactive environment for teachers and students to learn more about drumming, technique, and musicality. The event, which took place at the Evans/HQ booth, featured lessons from the biggest names in drum corps including DCI Hall of Fame members Thom Hannum and Jim Campbell as well as Mike McIntosh, Jeff Queen, Nick Angelis, and others. Each of the six sessions provided a chance for attendees to access today’s best educators at no cost. Attendance at each session was high with some sessions engaging as many as 50 people at a time.

For more information on Evans Drumheads, please visit http://www.evansdrumheads.com.

For Complete listing of Placements from the Drum Corps International 2009 World Championship, please visit http://www.dci.org/scores

For more information about The Blue Devils, please visit http://www.bluedevils.org.

For more information about The Bluecoats, please visit http://www.bluecoats.com/dci.asp.

For more information about The Troopers, please visit http://www.troopersdrumcorps.org.

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