Ex-Megadeth Drummer Auctions Killer Saw

Ex-Megadeth Drummer Auctions Killer Saw

nick menza

Freak accidents and weird collectibles seem fitting for the month of October, at least according to former Megadeth drummer, Nick Menza. A few years back, Menza suffered a nearly-severed arm after a run-in with a power saw, and doctors didn't know if he'd ever be able to play drums again. But thanks to a surgical miracle, he has fully recovered. The drummer who cheated death now plays for his band Menza, as well as Deltanaut.

In memory of his gruesome experience, Menza is auctioning off the saw blade that nearly sliced him apart, along with the original x-ray of his mangled arm. The item also consists of a metal frame, LED lights and an autograph personally signed to the winning bidder. Signed posters replicating the one-of-a-kind item are also available for purchase.

“It’s Halloween, dude! I have my book coming out, I’m headlining a new South American tour,” begins Menza. “Let’s have some fun! This stuff has been on one of the walls in my studio since the accident. I’m starting a new chapter of my life and career, literally, and it’s time to move on from some of that stuff in my past, but the saw blade and x-ray are pretty rad!”

The morbid auction will launch on Oct. 25 at 3PM EST at Menzajamz.
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