Who Is Forbidden’s New Drummer?

Forbidden Enlists Ex-November’s Doom Drummer

Sasha Horn

Habitual readers of this news column have been following the ongoing saga of Forbidden’s online search for a new drummer. The San Francisco thrash outfit set up a YouTube page and invited all comers to post video auditions. Within days it was populated by blazing performances featuring hopeful drummers from every corner of the world.

After wading through the virtual sea of contestants, the band tapped nine drummers for face-to-face auditions in Oakland, including Eli Lucas (Petaluma, California), Duane Timlin (Houston, Texas), Jimmy Schultz (Los Angeles, California), Pat Magrath (Los Angeles), Gee Anzalone (Italy), Todd Hansen (Australia), Henry Moreno (Florida), and Burton Ortega (San Francisco).

But in the end, the lucky winner was Sasha Horn, formerly of November’s Doom and Ava Inferi. “When he started playing ’Infinite,’ everyone in the band immediately looked at each other and our eyes got bigger,” Forbidden guitarist Craig Locicero told Blabbermouth. “It was something that Russ [Anderson, vocals] and I have not felt since Paul Bostaph first played with us back in 1986, when we were kids. Simply put, great chemistry!”

The band plans to begin writing material for the next Forbidden release, but in the meantime, check out some of Horn’s audition videos.

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