Update: Eric Johnson Drummer Shot And Killed In Austin

Former Eric Johnson Drummer Shot And Killed In Austin

Drummer Billy Maddox was shot and killed in the early morning of December 27 in his Austin, Texas home. He was 54. The 63-year-old intruder, John Joseph Debrecht – one of Maddox’s neighbors – was also shot during the incident and later died of his wounds. Some reports suggest that the assailant suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was off of his medicince at the time of the break in, suggesting that his motives were influenced by confusion rather than criminal intent. Maddox was a well-known musician in his hometown, having played with such artists as guitar legend Eric Johnson, Alien Love Child, and Grady.

UPDATE: The man who shot and killed Bill Maddox in his home last year was diagnosed with a disorder that caused symptoms similar to paranoid schizophrenia, police reports obtained by FOX 7 News stated Monday. FOX 7 News requested the case file into the death of Maddox. The filed included the 911 call made by Maddox's wife, Rhonda, that December 27th morning when John Debrecht, Maddox's neighbor, broke into her home. The call can be viewed here.

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