Four Drummers Play Musical Thrones

Four Drummers Play Musical Thrones

By Andy Doerschuk Published October 26, 2010

(Left) Meet Otus, a face only a drummer could love

The planets must be aligned or something, because there has been a decided flux of drummers coming and going from their respective bands. We just heard that My Chemical Romance has finally replaced Bob Bryar with Michael Pedicone, formerly of the Arizona band the Bled. However, the band has been careful to point out that Pedicone is just a touring drummer, not a full-fledged bandmember.

And on the colder side of the globe, those Finnish monster men in Lordi have announced their replacement for ex-drummer Kita, who had the audacity of showing his face in public without the band’s elaborately grusome costuming. (Can you blame him, though? It must be hot under all that silicone, or whatever the heck they use to make those masks.) Dude’s name is Otus, which translates into “thing” in Finnish. Fitting.

In addition, Georgia’s own rockers in Hallows Eve have brought a new drummer into the fold: Scooch. That’s right – just plain Scooch. Seems as if metal doesn’t require more than one name.

Breaking the mold, Unearth has parted easy with drummer Derek Kerswill over the proverbial “creative differences.” Confirming the news, Kerswill issued a statement: “Creative differences are real and unfortunately have gotten the best of me. I wish the guys luck in the future and thank you to everyone who ever loved and supported ’The March.’”

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