From The Phone: Starkey’s Superbowl Cymbals

From The Phone: Starkey's Superbowl Cymbals

By Radim McCue Published February 7, 2010

Zak Starkey's cymbals at the SuperBowl caused a bit of discussion online. His Zildjians were outfitted in a red, white and blue design based on the British roundel that emblazons military planes. The best guess is that it comes from the Mods--British pop youth of the late '50s and early '60s whose emblem was the roundel. For those who are keeping score, the Who sounded incredible, especially for a group that started 44 years ago. Check the pics.

Townshend in flight.

Roger Daltrey with Starkey.

Starkey played great, as always..

Starkey's Royal Air Force cymbals.

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