Funeral For A Friend Drummer Resigns

Funeral For A Friend Drummer Resigns

ryan richards

Ryan Richards has called it quits with Funeral For A Friend, saying he would rather focus on his family instead of the band. But, there's no hard feelings between the two, only good memories of the drummer's decade-long run with Funeral.

Richards made a statement regarding the situation saying, "After 10 wonderful, enriching, emotional and fascinating years being a part of Funeral For A Friend - I've decided to hang up my drum sticks. I've always put music first in my life - but the time has come now for my family to take the top spot, after patiently waiting and supporting me for the last 10 years and more."

Frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye said, "We give Ryan our full support and wish him the best in his future endeavors."

The guys have already chosen a drummer to take Richards' place and he approves: Rise To Remain's Pat Lundy.

"I'm stoked to have my good friend Pat Lundy step into my vacant drumstool. There's not a better drummer than Pat for the job," he added.

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