Gary Young Reunites With Pavement For One Show

Gary Young Reunites With Pavement For One Show

By Andy Doerschuk Published June 11, 2010

(Above) Pavement in 1993 with Gary Young peering at the camera from behind the other bandmembers

Throughout his brief tenure as the founding drummer of lo-fi innovators Pavement, Gary Young cemented his reputation for being the craziest guy onstage by resorting to such behavior as running around the venue between songs, writing on the faces of audience members, and even once serving cabbage and mashed potatoes to fans before a show. He was a delightful nutcase, but his eccentricities wore thin by 1993 when he either quit or got fired — depending on whose account you believe — at the end of a tour. So the fact that Young plans to reunite with his former bandmates for one show at the Bob Hope Theater in the band’s hometown of Stockton, California is monumental news for hard core fans. Oddly, or perhaps suitably, it will be the band’s first ever show in Stockton.

Need proof? Check this 1991 video:

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