Gene Hoglan Releases First Instructional DVD

Gene Hoglan Releases First Instructional DVD

The man-mountain otherwise known as extreme metal drummer Gene Hoglan — whose ferocious speed has driven such bands as Fear Factory, Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad, and Testament to ridiculous velocities — has finally released his own hotly anticipated DVD, The Atomic Clock (which also happens to be his very apt nickname).

But rather than going the traditional route by signing a distribution deal with one of the big video companies, Hoglan has decided to unleash his first instructional effort on his own. Smart guy. That way he doesn’t have to share a cut of the $30 cover price (you can order your own copy by going to

The Atomic Clock is two hours of me showing you how I do what I do, without a whole ton of boring, stale rudiments to bog you down,” Hoglan wrote on his myspace page. “I feature nine full songs – five from the mighty Mechanism alone – from some of my projects, plus a few different improvised solos, and tons of tips and tricks from my arsenal to help anybody out there become a better drummer.”

Want a taste? Check out this preview:

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