Girls Groove In 30 Countries In Contest

Girls Groove Worldwide In Contest

San Jose, Calif., --

The Hit Like A Girl female drumming contest today reported that video entries have been posted by female drummers from more than 30 different countries.

The 2nd Annual Contest is produced by DRUM! Magazine in conjunction with TRX Cymbals and Tom Tom Magazine, invites girls and women of all ages to submit videos of their drumming, both to win valuable prizes and to support the global development of women drummers.

Some of the most interesting entries highlight the diversity of talent entering the contest. Fadilah Darswas is a young Indonesian girl who's only played for a year, but digs Portnoy and goes for it in her entry video, a cover of a Paramore tune.

Top Sticks Girl Drummer

Yet another entrant, Nigerian drummer "Topsticks", plays in a jazzier more sophisticated style. She credits Sheila E and Cindy Blackman as major influences.

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