Glasvegas Announce New Drummer

By Andy Doerschuk Published December 14, 2010

(Left) Glasvegas’ original lineup with founding drummer Caroline McKay

Scottish indie rockers Glasvegas announced that they’ve found a new drummer, Jonna Löfgren, to replace original bandmember Caroline McKay, who abruptly quit in March while the band was working on new material. McKay’s departure was something of a mystery when it was first reported by Spinner, but in a recent interview with NME, Glasvegas frontman James Allan shared his opinion of why she decided to leave the band: “It was probably me saying, ’Hit this drum, hit that drum.’ Doing a demo, getting gigs, doing a demo, doing another demo then a record in New York, then it's playing at Wembley with U2, Glastonbury ... she never asked for any of that.” But how did the band find Löfgren, who has no apparent ttack record in the music biz? It seems guitarist Rab Allan asked for a female replacement from Sweden. Miraculously, the Swedish division of Glasvegas’ label, Columbia Records, delivered one two days later.