Havana Festival 2009

KoSA Cuba Presents The 8th Edition of the Havana Festival

By Radim McCue Published November 25th, 2009

March 7 - 14, 2010. Participate in a thrilling, one week study program including activities of the Havana Drum Festival – individuals and performing groups are welcomed- open to all.

Experience hands-on classes with major Cuban artists, concerts, lectures, historical and cultural visits. Havana, Cuba’s capital is scenic historical and renowned for the richness of its Afro-Cuban folklore and music. An incredible variety and depth of knowledge has been passed from generation to generation, maintaining centuries old African-based traditions through groups and families throughout the region. It is also the cultural mecca of the Caribbean and a hotbead of new creative music .

Faculty and performing top Cuban artists include the incomparable talents of Giraldo Piloto with Klimax, Julio Lopez Sanchez ,Jean Roberto San Cristobal, Panga, Yaroldy Abreu ,Adel Gonzales and many special guest faculty. Seminars in the history and development of Cuban music led by renown ethnomusicologist, Dr. Olavo Rodriguez.

Join KoSA founder, and world drummer/percussionist Aldo Mazza for this inspirational, educational and sensational visit to one of the epic centers of rhythm…KoSA Cuba 2010 at Havana Fiesta del Tambor. To register for this life changing experience.

For more information and to register, please visit kosamusic.com or call 800-541-8401. 514-482-5554

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