Headbanger Bangs Head—Hard!

Ignominious Incarceration Drummer Gets Percussion Concussion

By Andy Doerschuk Published July 23, 2009

British metallers Ignominious Incarceration like to pulverize their fans with brutal yet melodic death metal. But on their recent tour, drummer Sam Bailey found himself on the receiving end of some brutality.

The young drummer was skateboarding when he had an epic bail, cracking his head open in the process, before being taken to hospital to have it stitched up.

Bailey admits to being ... let's say ... somewhat compromised.

"I'd been drinking too much vodka, went down a ten-foot ramp, fell down, and blacked out," he says. "I woke up with a bleeding head and was rushed to hospital. That's pretty much all I remember!"

Kids -- please don't try this at home. Heck, don't try it anywhere!

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