High Profile Drummers Play Musical Chairs

High Profile Drummers Play Musical Chairs

Raymond Weber

Typical of the music business’ sturm und drang, we learned today about notable drummers who either left or returned to bands with whom they have been closely identified.

In a very public facebook exchange, Raymond Weber (pictured at left) announced that he will no longer play with Dumpstaphunk, Ivan Neville’s NOLA funk collective. When his facebook buds asked for an explanation, Weber explained, “They fired me … 7 years with DP building and being loyal, not taking big money gigs like Warren Haynes gigs, Joe Sample gigs, and John Scofield, Maze, Frankie Beverly, Dr. John — had plenty of offers but did not take them because of loyalty to the band. Where does dat leave me now?”

It wasn’t long before Neville himself jumped into the fray with a reply to Weber’s message. “Love you like a brother Raymond … we all know you’re an amazing drummer/musician …. but when you purposely tank & half play gigs … that is unfair to yourself, your band mates, & more importantly unfair to the fans who pay to see you!!” The awkward back-and-forth continued without any resolution. One thing’s for sure – some drummer will have big shoes to fill.

In more uplifting personnel news, Nils “Dominator” Fjallstrom has returned to Dark Funeral, the Swedish dark metal band he helped found. “After a short break of focusing on other aspects of my life, it’s a great privilege for me to announce my return to Dark Funeral,” he announced. “The time off has fueled my inspiration and urge to get back behind the kit and annihilate. It’s an honour to play alongside my fellow brothers again. May Dark Funeral rise to Dominate once more.”

Welcome back, Nils! Happy annihilating!

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