Hit Like A Girl Videos Available On Drum Guru

Hit Like A Girl Videos Available On Drum Guru

The Drum Guru App will be making the Hit Like a Girl 2012 and 2013 contest winner videos available to download free for iPhone and Android.

The Hit Like a Girl Contest began in 2012 as a way to celebrate female drummers of all ages and ability levels. Supported by the world’s top drummers and drum companies, the project has received hundreds of video entries from girls and women in 42 countries as well as more than 4,000,000 web impressions and tens of thousands of online votes and comments.

Past Hit Like A Girl Contest winners included in this FREE pack:

De’Arcus Curry
Agnieszka Matuszcak
Karmi Santiago

2013 (Over 18)
Val Sepulveda
Michaela Brezovsky
Kelsey Cook

2013 (Under 18)
Alexey Poblete
Taylor Ann Katase
Madden Klass

Past Hit Like A Girl Contest Sponsors have included:
Drum Workshop
Crush Drums
DRUM! Magazine
TRX Cymbals
Vater Sticks
Evans Drumheads
SKB Cases
Alfred Music
Drum Channel
Tom Tom Magazine

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