HLAG Joins Forces With PAS

HLAG Joins Forces With PAS


Hit Like A Girl 2014 is joining forces with The Percussive Arts Society in an alliance of epic proportions. It's all in the name of girls that drum, and allowing the community to grow and flourish.

“This cooperation between one of the oldest and most respected organizations in the drum industry and one of the newest and most progressive allows us to combine resources and achieve a common goal more easily and more effectively,” explains PAS Executive Director Jeff Hartsough. “And, while we ultimately want girls and women to become active members of PAS and participants in Hit Like A Girl activities, we realize that step one is simply getting more of them to pick up a pair of sticks or a hand drum and become drummers.”

As part of this initiative of mutual support, PAS has become an official sponsor of the 2014 Hit Like A Girl Contest and will contribute an opportunity for the 2014 HLAG Champion in the over 18 division to perform at PASIC 2014 as well as admission to the conference for the under 18 winner. In collaboration, Hit Like A Girl will provide promotional consideration for PAS in the public relations and marketing for its contest and general advocacy of female drummers and drumming.

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