Homegrown Terrorist Rezwan Ferdaus Was A Rock Drummer

Homegrown Terrorist Rezwan Ferdaus Was An “Alt-Rock” Drummer

It seems that Rezwan Ferdaus, the alleged homegrown terrorist whose plot to attack the Capitol and Pentagon with explosive-laden model aircraft was recently foiled by an FBI sting operation, had other interests besides bomb making.

Among other recent revelations about his otherwise all-American upbringing, the 26-year-old physics student apparently was also an active drummer around his hometown of Ashland, Massachusetts.

It has been reported that he had played in an “alt-rock” band called Silk Road, and somewhere down the line attained the nickname of “Bollywood.” The band’s myspace site has been inactive since 2008, which appears to coincide with what has been reported as Ferdaus’ growing religious extremism.

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