Hudson Music Founder Introduces Drum Guru App

Hudson Founder Introduces Drum Guru App

drum guru

A new name has just entered the quickly expanding arena of digital drum lessons. The difference is that these folks have a powerful pedigree in drum pedagogy. Meet Drum Guru, a new iPhone/iPad app that is the brainchild of Rob Wallis, founder of Hudson Music and DCI Music Video, and longtime president of Drummers Collective School Of Music in New York City.

Anyone familiar with Hudson’s videos knows to expect a high-quality educational experience from Drum Guru, which tempts new students with a free sampler pack containing seven lessons. Once you’re hooked you can delve deeper by buying lesson packs featuring such luminary legends as Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Mike Portnoy, and Chad Smith. And the price is sweet – each 7-10 lesson pack is priced between $3.99—$4.99, so it won’t break the bank.

Make your smart phone smarter. Sign up and download the free sampler pack to see it for yourself.

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