Hudson Opens New DVD Download Service

Full DVD Downloads Now Available From Hudson Music

By Radim McCue Published December 26, 2009

Hudson Music, purveyors of popular teaching DVDs from Steve Smith, Thomas Lang, Benny Greb, JoJo Mayer and many other artists, is now offering full DVD downloads from their site. Instant download is made possible thorugh the new Hudson Digital OnDemand Media Player. This state-of-the-art media player is a free download. Users can by, download and watch selections form Hudsons' world-class library of music instruction DVDs, including the accompanying music, quickly and inexpensively.

In addition, you can download the free player and watch free videso from Benny Greb and Aaron Spears to test the video and audio quality and overall learning experience.

For more information, check out Hudson On-Demand.

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