International Drum Month Promotions Announced

International Drum Month Promotions Announced

By Radim McCue Published October 15, 2009

October 10, 2009–Cleveland, Ohio The PMC (Percussion Marketing Council) has announced that it's kicking off a slate of promotional activities for International Drum Month (November).

International Drum Month is celebrating its 14th year with a special program to serve two specific purposes: create more new drummers and provide an incentive to have them go into their local music store or drum shop.

Future drummers will have the opportunity to receive a free Beginner’s Package, which includes a pair of drumsticks and an instructional book or DVD for beginners. The instructional materials are provided by PMC Members, Alfred Publishing, Hal Leonard Publishing, and Hudson Music. The coupon is available in a number of consumer magazines or by visiting the organization’s website,

Pat Brown, PMC Executive Committee member noted, “This is not a ‘no-strings-attached’ offer to the consumer. To receive your package, you must visit a local music store and have the coupon validated by the store."

Billy Cuthrell, Advisory Board member commented, “The electronic social media networking that the youth markets are all involved in must become part of our organization’s strategy to reach more young people. The integral component is to drive the interested consumer into the music retail environment for the first time, allowing the retailer to gain access to this new emerging customer. The entire percussion industry, and each of our PMC Members, benefit from this turn-key promotional campaign. By reaching new audiences through the social media networks, and motivating them to get started with free-stuff from the PMC, we have served all of our PMC Members and the entire population.”

Music industry trade publications are supporting this annual market development campaign by including the full-page color advertisement notifying the retailer about the campaign. The print media campaign will also inform the retailers about other PMC programs and the many other tools available to them in becoming pro-active in developing their own International Drum Month store-wide campaign.

Visit the PMC web site at to find out how to get your free Beginner's Kit.

PMC members include Roland, Alfred, DRUM!, Sabian, Zildjian, Modern Drummer, Drum Business, Taye Drums, Vic Firth, Pro-Mark, Gretsch, LP, Toca, Gibraltar, Clevelander Drum Company, Ethnomusic, Kosa, Hudson Music, Hal Leonard, Progressive Music Center, MBT, Universal Percussion, Yamaha, Randall May Music, Music With Colors, Whacky Music, Remo, and RegalTip.

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