Jason McGerr Unveils Drum Loop iPhone App

Jason McGerr Wants To Use Your iPhone

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 24, 2009

Don’t underestimate Jason McGerr, the bookish, mild-mannered drummer for Death Cab For Cutie. Behind those thick-framed glasses, dude’s always thinkin'. And his latest brainstorm is InstantDrummer, an iPhone app that enables you to build drum loops using tracks McGerr recorded in his very own studio, Two Sticks Audio (which has hosted sessions with Smoosh, Barcelona, Only Human, Moros Eros, Grand Archives, David Bazan, Mark Kozelek, Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam, Tegan And Sara, and Death Cab For Cutie).

For a mere $2.99 you can tinker with gain, ambiance, variation, and intensity while McGerr busts a wealth of sumptuous grooves. Hey, there are plenty of worse ways to spend the day.

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