Jeff Phillips: Rest In Peace

Jeffrey A. Phillips: 1978-2009

By Chad Brandolini Published August 14, 2009

[Ed. Note: We were distressed to hear of the passing of Jeffrey Phillips, a long-time former employee of Vater Percussion. Chad Brandolini, Marketing Director for Vater, sent this moving tribute to his co-worker and friend.]

All of us at Vater are deeply saddened by the loss of a great friend, worker and Vater family member, Jeffrey Phillips. Jeff passed away on July 24, 2009 as a result of a senseless act of violence.

Jeff Phillips had worked at Vater Percussion for 10 years in the quality control department. Often working extremely long hours and even on weekends to make sure the job got done and done correctly, Jeff was the guy responsible for setting up and maintaining the labeling machine. Each and every Vater stick in the past 10 years went through Jeff’s hands, as he was responsible for putting the Vater logo and model designation on every Vater-branded stick.

Jeff’s life was always rich in music. A musician and artist himself, Jeff played piano, guitar and drums and wrote and recorded songs with friends. He spent every day listening to all types of music. Belle and Sebastian, Kings of Leon, The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Steely Dan, Ryan Adams, The Beach Boys, Dream Theater, The Strokes, Modest Mouse, The Kinks along with a ton of obscure and local bands were what made up the hundreds of songs that filled his Ipod.

Jeff Phillips was truly one of a kind. The kind of person, friend, and worker that you just don’t run into every day. His sense of humor was simply priceless. Jeff was constantly cracking jokes (often times even about himself!) and was very confident in himself, his views and opinions and would never back down from those when you’d debate him about any subject.

Jeff simply loved to have a blast and make people laugh, no matter where he was or by whom he was surrounded by. Always the last one to leave a party, concert, wedding, or anything else, he always left you with a hilarious memory from your time together that day.

Speaking on behalf of everyone here at Vater Percussion, our families and friends….we love you Jeff and miss you terribly.

Chad Brandolini

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