John Mahon To Play With Elton John In Vegas

John Mahon To Play With Elton John In Vegas

You might think "The Million Dollar Piano" is a movie about a piano that becomes a butt-kicking boxer after Clint Eastwood gets his hands on it, but strangely enough, you would be wrong. "The Million Dollar Piano" is Elton John's latest project debuting September 28 at Caesar's Palace – a show centering around a custom made, $1 million piano.

Drummer and percussionist John Mahon, known for his work with many bands and artists including Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Bonnie Raitt, and Edgar Winter has signed on to lend his talents to the show, which will play 10 weeks a year for three years. Mahon will be using all LP percussion instruments, including their new Classic Top Tuning congas with matching bongos in Vintage Sunburst. The show calls for a vibrant stage, so Mahon's drums will fit in perfectly. It is Vegas after all!


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