Jon Theodore May Join Queens Of The Stone Age

Jon Theodore May Join Queens Of The Stone Age

Ex-The Mars Volta drummer, Jon Theodore, might be joining Queens of the Stone Age as the band's new backbeat. According to a press release, Theodore has recorded tracks on the band’s upcoming sixth studio record, ‚ĶLike Clockwork. has reason to believe he will be joining them on tour:

"The album also features three drummers: Dave Grohl, as was previously reported; Joey Castillo, the band’s now-former drummer; and Jon Theodore, who played drums for The Mars Volta on their first three records and accompanying tours, as well as One Day As a Lion with Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against The Machine. The announcement below is cryptic in just how much of a role Theodore plays, but it’s our understanding that he is the current active drummer in Queens Of The Stone Age."


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