Jonny Quinn Receives Inspiration Award

Jonny Quinn Receives Celebrity Inspiration Award

jonny quinn

Drummer Jonny Quinn received this year's Celebrity Inspiration Award at the Peace Day event in Belfast City Hall. Quinn said that he was delighted and honored to receive the award and hoped that Snow Patrol were an inspiration to people due to their dedication. He explained that it took the band seven years to break into the music industry, and that a work placement in the music industry in London set up by Springboard led him to meet frontman Gary Lightbody. "This one is particularly important I think because it kind of lead me to join Snow Patrol through starting to do the course," he said. "It got me over to London, it got me involved in the music industry, got me to put on gigs before I joined them, so it was a very important initiative that they've set up here and I hope it keeps running."

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