Justin Spencer Exonerated Of Fraud Charges

By Andy Doerschuk Published August 27, 2010

Recycled Percussion’s Justin Spencer turned the tables on his former business partner, Alexandria Thompson. After Thompson originally accused Spencer of stealing from the band’s parent company, Shelter Management, Spencer countersued and, after hiring a team of private investigators, ultimately proved that Thompson was the one dipping into their joint accounts. Among other revelations, the investigators uncovered a previous judgment against Thompson, who was convicted of embezzling roughly $65,000 from a Texas photographer. Because of that conviction, Thompson — who has had five aliases — was prohibited from becoming involved in any company finances, according to Spencer’s lawyer, Frank Mesmer. All criminal charges based on complaints by Thompson against Spencer have been dropped, which included felony charges of attempted theft by unauthorized taking, two counts of theft by unauthorized taking, and two counts of identity fraud.