Kenny Aronoff Builds Drum Tracking Room In L.A.

Kenny Aronoff

After spending the better part of the past couple decades sequestered in recording studios around the world, Kenny Aronoff knows a thing or two about room sound. So when he finally decided to create his own drum room/recording studio in North Hollywood, he turned to Auralex to help him achieve a degree of flexibility. The company suggested that he place several 2' x 4' panels in areas with exposed bare wall surfaces, as well as stand-mounted LENRD bass traps, which can be moved closer or further away from the kit depending on how “live” or “dry” he wanted his drums to sound. The icing on the cake were some ceiling-mounted Auralex Q’Fusors to help reduce any harsh reflections from the cymbals to the overhead mikes and help keep some sound energy in the room so it does not become too dry or "dead" sounding. The session great swears by the outcome: “This flexibility is important so I can accommodate people from all over the world that send me their music for me to record my drums and percussion on.”