Kickstarter Campaign For “Dare To Drum”

Kickstarter Campaign For "Dare To Drum"


The film, Dare To Drum, a musical journey with Stewart Copeland, D'Drum, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, is waiting to be funded by music lovers around the world.

The film will focus on the creation of the work, "Gamelan D'Drum," a 37-minute Concerto for World Percussion and Orchestra in Three Movements — a result of a nearly three year collaboration between Copeland and D'Drum. Deriving its name from the musical ensembles of Bali and Java, this ambitious work plays the central part in the story as the eye of the storm, both literally and figuratively.

The film will be told from the perspective of all the creative forces involved: Stewart Copeland as composer, Jaap van Zweden as conductor, and the members of D'Drum as performing artists. But, there are multiple production costs to be taken into account, which is where those willing to fund the project come in. In order to make the film a reality, the team will need $95,000. So, in collaboration with Kickstarter, anyone who wants to see Dare To Drum come into fruition can donate here.

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