King’s X Drummer Released From Hospital

King's X Drummer Released From Hospital

King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill is used to throwing up his fist on stage in a whirlwind of rock and roll to an audience of thousands of screaming fans. But yesterday he did so in front of a hospital, as he was being released just three weeks after a heart attack and emergency surgery. With such high spirits, we wouldn't be surprised to see him behind the skins again very soon, perhaps when King’s X starts its tour back up.

To help Gaskill with his medical bills, the band has put together a special download-only live title, Burning Down Boston: Live At The Channel 6.12.91. All proceeds go to paying off Gaskill’s medical expenses.

Those who wish to donate a personal gift to Jerry can mail checks to: Jerry Gaskill, c/o World Entertainment Inc., P.O. Box 3095, Sea Bright, NJ 07760. For more information visit

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