King’s X Soliciting Donations For Ailing Drummer

King’s X Soliciting Donations For Ailing Drummer

It sounds as if it has been a tough recovery for King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill, who remains hospitalized two weeks after suffering a heart attack that required emergency surgery.

The band’s bassist, Doug Pinnick, wrote on his facebook page: “Saw Jerry and he smiled and gave the thumbs-up. He seemed to recognize everyone and seems on it. Really cool. He is having some difficulty with the breathing, but overall looks sharp. Feel much better about this. Very excited. Just want to share that with you guys. Julie [Gaskill's fiancée] is amazing.”

The band is asking for donations to help offset Gaskill’s mounting medical costs, and is offering a download of Burning Down Boston: Live at The Channel 6.12.91 – a previously unreleased live performance from 1991 – in exchange for a $20 donation. You can find download at the Molken Music website.

Donors may also send a check made out to Jerry Gaskill to: Jerry Gaskill, c/o World entertainment Inc., P.O. Box 3095, Sea Bright, NJ 07760.

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