KMC Percussion Toughens Up At Bootcamp

Hup, Two, Three … Sell!

By Andy Doerschuk Published October 1, 2009

“You are getting very sleepy. Now repeat after me: I will never buy anything but Gretsch, Gibraltar, Sabian, and LP forever and ever.” Okay, we can’t guaranty that hypnosis played a role during KMC Percussion’s first “Boot Camp” training session in Ontario, California (even though it has always worked wonders for us). But we can be sure that the 17 retail salespeople who met with their respective district salesmen and representatives from the powerhouse KMC distributor left Ontario, California with some fresh ideas about marketing and branding the aforementioned product lines. From June 17–18, these key music store salespeople received hands-on product training, along with segments on merchandising and promotions geared towards each brand. Dennis Peters, president of Heavybag Media and Bootcamp marketing partner, presented attendees with Web 2.0 essentials and advice on how to utilize the web for marketing. The final evening was capped off by a special dinner jam where everyone had the chance to hang out and jam through the night.

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