Kosa 2010 Drum Camp Returns In July

(Above) Ndugu Chancler instructs students on the finer points of drum set artistry at the Kosa’s 2009 camp

In an annual tradition dating back 15 years, the rhythmic folks at Kosa have announced that the 2010 edition of its International Percussion Workshop, Drum Camp, And Festival will take place at Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont on July 27. Prepare to be saturated in all aspects of drums and percussion — from playing live, to learning insider techniques, to personal discussions, to sharing a meal and a conversation, to witnessing some of the most spontaneously combustible performances you will ever hear. This year’s roster of expert teachers and clinicians include Memo Acevedo, Cindy Blackman, Mark Zonder, Mario DeCiutiis, Bill Bachman, Dom Famularo, Paul DeLong, John Beck, Liberty DeVitto, Glen Velez, and of course, everyone’s master of ceremonies, Kosa founder Aldo Mazza. Disciplines cover a vast range of styles, including drum set, marching, frame drumming, taiko, West African drum and dance, electronic percussion, orchestral percussion, mallets, and even didgeriddo (and hopefully someone will explain why this native Australian wind instrument is considered percussion, but we digress). Tuition only package of $775 (US) includes all classes, masterclasses, informal workshops, jam sessions and evening concerts. Double occupancy package of $1,330 (US) and Single occupancy package of $1,505 (US) comprises tuition, food (3 meals per day) jam sessions, evening concerts and lodging for the event. One-, two-, and three-day packages are also available. Honestly folks, we can only scratch the surface of this astoundingly deep event in the measly amount of space we can spare here. Go to kosamusic.com for more information.