KoSA Takes Its Rhythmic Message To China

KoSA Takes Its Rhythmic Message To China

This past August, KoSA founder Aldo Mazza and co-founder Jolán Kovács-Mazza completed the third installment of KoSA China – a percussion workshop conducted in collaboration with China's 9 Beats, a national music education program consisting of 65 schools throughout China.

While in Beijing, Mazza participated in the National Drum Competition, and in Tianjin gave performances with a host of well-known Asian artists, including Zou Wengao, Akira Jimbo, Michael Taylor, Mr. Li, Yang Zeng, Izumi, and Ding Lin. “There were some 300 students and 100 teachers from around the country taking daily classes and attending the daily concerts,“ he says. “We performed a KoSA ’signature’ grand finale concert on the last evening, an exciting experience, which left the huge audience cheering for more.

“Plans are already in place to return to China next year and continue to develop and expand the KoSA CHINA experience. For me specifically, and for our entire KoSA Team, it remains fascinating to witness the continued and rapid development process of our Chinese friends. Their fervent quest for expanding their pursuit of musical education and their continued excitement around live performance is impressive.”

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