KoSA Percussion Camp Turns 15

KoSA Percussion Camp Turns 15

By Jordan Liffengren Published August 16, 2010

KoSA is a teenager now --- minus the raging hormones and rebellious attitude. Still young at heart, the international percussion workshop has had plenty of experience teaching, training and sharing knowledge between students and faculty alike. To celebrate the big one-five, the program ended with a crescendo on the campus of Castleton State College, at the Faculty Grand Finale Concert on Saturday, July 31st.

"We had a great time, and a great crowd," said KoSA Founder and Artistic Director Aldo Mazza. "When you get this many unbelievable artists together on one stage, the resulting performances are electrifying and one-of-a-kind."

"Students and faculty alike find themselves in an atmosphere of unparalleled sharing," states KoSA co-Founder, Jolan Kovacs. "By spending so much time together, both individually --- and as a group, all of those involved with the KoSA Workshop benefit... and in many unexpected ways."

"Our 15th consecutive year continued to expand on our belief in core KoSA concepts," continues Aldo. "Participating in music is best served when the opportunity arrives not just to practice, play and perform with others, but to absorb new techniques, new concepts and new perspectives in the process."

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