Krupa’s Kit Donated to Smithsonian Institution

Krupa’s Kit Donated to Smithsonian Institution

By Andy Doerschuk Published December 1, 2010

(Left) John Hasse and Ken Kimery of the Smithsonian with their newest acquisition

A family from Cantonsville, Maryland donated an historic set of Slingerland drums once played by jazz legend Gene Krupa to the Smithsonian Institution on November 29. A drummer named Donald Hay bought the used drums at a Baltimore music shop in 1940. Reportedly, Krupa traded in the kit when he picked up a new one at the Fred Walker Instrument Co. Hay died last year and willed the kit to his children.

“It’s a wonderful addition to our national collections,” the Smithsonian’s curator of American Music, John Hasse, told “It vividly depicts a story of one of America's leading percussionists.” The kit will complement other instruments displayed at the Smithsonian once owned by members of the famed Benny Goodman Quartet – Goodman’s clarinet and Lionel Hampton’s vibraphone.

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