Lamb Of God: Trial Over, Mourning Fan Death

Lamb Of God: Trial Over, Mourning Fan Death

chris adler

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe was not found guilty of manslaughter for the death of fan Daniel Nosek, who died a month after sustaining injuries from being thrown off stage during one of the band's concerts.

Drummer Chris Adler wrote, "We greatly appreciate and have been fortunate to have the support of our friends, families and fans from all over the world during a nightmare situation for us in Prague. We are now able to get back to work, but are still saddened by the loss of Daniel Nosek. The trial may be over, but the loss is forever and we also continue to mourn."

The incident occured in May of 2010 in Prague, and Blythe was facing a long-term jail sentence, in addition to compensation of 10 million Czech Koruna (about $530,000).

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